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Know Your Doctor

A brief introduction:

Anesthesiologist and Pain SpecialistI am a board certified Anesthesiologist. I completed my residency in Anesthesiology, from University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ . I finished my fellowship in pain management- a training dedicated to diagnose and treat various complicated painful conditions including RSD. Chronic cancer and non cancer pain. I earned my sub-specialty certification in pain management from American Board of Anesthesiologists.

Having practiced Anesthesia and Pain management, for over 17 years, I realized that our standard allopathic medicine alone, does not offer satisfactory treatment for certain chronic painful conditions. I also observed those conditions has best response when complemented with alternative treatments such as Acupuncture.

I completed a yearlong acupuncture training from Dr Helms, Affiliated with Stanford University in California.

I worked at Shore Medical center in Somers Point as anesthesiologist and pain specialist.

I have the best training , qualifications and experience in diagnosing and treating a whole array of chronic painful conditions. I believe in listening to the patients and providing a compassionate care, which every patient with chronic pain, truly deserve.