Having Trouble Sleeping?

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Sleep is a body function, which is essential for physical and mental health.

Chronic pain is often associated with sleep disturbances.

While it is tempting to take a sleep aid pill, these medications pose risks and problems.

Sleep is divided into phases, which cycle throughout the sleep duration. Rapid eye movement sleeps (REMS) and non-rapid eye movement sleeps (NRMS). NRMS is generally the deepest part of the sleep which allows body, muscles and brain to rest completely and refreshes the mind and body for the following days’ work.

All sleep aids, reduce the duration of the deepest part of the sleep, and hence one may be able to fall asleep but may not wake up completely rested.

In addition, a recent study have shown that people who take sleep aids on regular basis, they die early compared to those who don’t.

So it is essential to try to develop habits and rituals that induce and promote a night of healthy restful sleep.

Following are the steps, if followed on regular basis, will help you to fall asleep without taking the sleep pills.

Above steps called sleep hygiene, need some patience and is a learned behavior (that you learn by keep doing the same thing again and again).

Sleep tight!